ESCNNA/The code

HOTEL CASA LA FE is committed to the integral protection of the rights of children and adolescents and participates in the project to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents – THE CODE. Therefore, we adopt a code of conduct with THECODE.ORG, through the Renacer Foundation and we join the strategy La Muralla ¡Soy yo !, a city project, protector of childhood and adolescence, that invites all people to build safe environments to prevent and confront the sex tourism with children and adolescents.


The commitments contained in this code of conduct have been adopted by our company in compliance with the provisions of Article 1 of Law 1336 of 2009, whereby the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism mandates the adoption and fulfillment of a Code of conduct on the part of all providers of tourist services in the Republic of Colombia. The commitments acquired by HOTEL CASA LA FE S.A.S in this Code of Conduct are:

  • We refrain from offering programs of tourism promotion and tourist plans, expressly or surreptitiously, plans for the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • We refrain from giving information to tourists, either directly or through a person about places where they coordinate or practice commercial sexual exploitation of children.
  • We refrain from driving tourists, directly or through third parties to establishments or places where commercial sexual exploitation of children is practiced, as well as to drive them to the hotel rooms where tourists are staying.
  • We refrain from providing vehicles on tourist routes for the purpose of exploitation or sexual abuse with children.
  • We prevent at all times the entry of children and adolescents who come without their parents to the hotel.
  • We take all measures to prevent our staff, suppliers and clients from offering tourist services that allow sexual activity with children.
  • We protect domestic and foreign children and adolescents from all forms of exploitation and sexual violence caused by domestic or foreign tourists.
  • We will report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and other competent authorities the facts of which we may have knowledge by any means, as well as the suspicion of these, related to the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and ensure that within the There are channels to report such facts to the competent authorities.
  • We have designed and disseminated within the company and with our suppliers of goods and services a policy in which we have established measures to prevent and counteract all forms of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in travel and tourism.