Bespoke Colombia is committed to satisfying guests´expectations by offering a quality lodging and accommodation service based on efficiency and innovation and ensuring the continuous improvement of internal processes through the cooperation of a committed, motivated and competent team. We observe the current legal standards in environmental matters and social risk prevention for sustainable business operations in the hospitality sector. We use technological and eco-efficient practices that involve the work team, our customers and our  suppliers in the protection of the environment. Finally we are vigilant in the recognition and prevention of acts of sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents.


This commitment includes:

  • Mitigating environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts
  • To have a good management of the residues that allow their minimization, facilitating their reuse and recycling.
  • Take necessary measures to reduce the consumption of water, energy and fuel.
  • Maintain a healthy environment, reduce noise emission both on and off the premises, ensure safety for guests and workers.
  • Promote the protection of fauna and flora and inform employees, guests and clients about the consequences of illegal trafficking.

Protection and diffusion of the cultural heritage, and the care of the environment and the natural environment.