May, 2020
We, as Bespoke Colombia, are committed to the health of our clients and employees. This is why we have established a series of measures that will allow us to operate safely and efficiently, once we reopen our doors to the public.


We understand that the world is going through a great crisis, plans have changed, and travel restrictions have increased. To benefit our clients, we have decided to make our policies more flexible by offering free cancellations up to 24 hours before the reserved arrival date.


According to the guidelines of Resolution 666 of April 24, 2020, Resolution 1285 of July 29, 2020, the guidelines of the Colombian Ministry of Health and the recommendations given by the ARL SURA. These are some of the measures we will take for your safety:


• Make the web check-in to speed up your arrival process and avoid crowds at the reception.
• Pack your protection elements (Face masks, antibacterial, gloves, disinfectants, etc.)
• Our employees are qualified to carry out the correct and frequent cleaning and disinfection of the rooms and common areas of our hotels.
• Our team receives constant information on the importance of handwashing, social distancing in crowded places, use of a mask, recognition of COVID-19 symptoms and on what to do in case of suspicion of the disease in any of the clients, suppliers and/or co-workers.
• We keep a daily check on the health status of our employees, recording of the temperature and possible symptoms. In case of respiratory symptoms, they should remain at home.


• Upon arrival, we will take your temperature and ask you to go through the footwear and hand disinfection area. Also, we will disinfect your luggage with a product based on hypochlorous acid. It's efficient to combat Covid-19 and safe for your luggage, as it does not discolour, nor does it cause any damage.
• We invite you to make your payments by debit or credit card and reduce cash handling. In case you have to make your payments in cash, we ask you to pay the exact amount to avoid exchange manipulation.
• Practice constant handwashing and disinfection. Use the hotels' restrooms in the social areas and rooms. They also has informative notices with instructions for proper handwashing and disinfection.
• Keep at least two meters distance between employees and other hotel guests.
• Wear the face mask in the common areas.
• Allow employees to take yourtemperature.
• The dining room tables will be demarcated to ensure the distance of two meters between people. You must reserve a table in case you want to have breakfast in the dining room. This measure helps us control the capacity in this area and guarantee social distancing.
• Decorative elements in the dining room will be removed.
• We offer room service if you prefer not to use the dining room for taking your breakfast.
• Your room will be disinfected by a single person, using the required personal protection elements. If you prefer that no one enters your room, please let us know at the reception.
• The common areas will have glycerinated alcohol for use by employees and customers. • The keys, remotes control, card and other items that are delivered to guests will be constantly disinfected.
• The used towels will be washed daily and the linen every two days. In case a guest presents COVID-19 symptoms, all their associated materiel will be treated as contagious and separated from other laundry items.
• Decorative elements will be reduced as a preventive measure, thus reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.
• All surfaces in the room (sheets, tables, remotes control, taps ...) will be disinfected with the appropriate disinfection products.
• Items will not be placed in the minibars. You can get the products upon request.
• If possible, refrain from using the air conditioning. Considering that the correct ventilation of the room reduces the spread of the virus. We suggest you keep the windows open and use the fan.
• The common areas will have a sign with the allowed capacity to guarantee social distancing.
• Only our maids will have access to your room for cleaning and disinfection.
• We will eliminate the print material in the rooms. The information may be consulted digitally on our website and through virtual services specially arranged for guests. .
• We would appreciate it if you could avoid going to the common areas if you have respiratory symptoms and inform the reception immediately. .
In case of health problems or any symptoms, we appreciate informing the reception of each hotel immediately. If you are alone in the room you can call o write to our WhatsApp lines: Cartagena 3154486426 and Mompox 3217577327 or write to our emails: [email protected], [email protected], info @ lagloriahotel .com
Bear in mind that, in the event, that your temperature test registers higher than 38 ° C and/or you result Positive for Covid-19 during your stay, You must comply with Colombian regulations and adopt preventive isolation within your room for 14 days, assuming the cost of these hotel nights.


• There will be deep cleaning and disinfection of the used room.
• A digital survey will be sent to you to know your experience at the hotel.
• The bill will be sent digitally to you.

We invite you to download CORONAPP:

The official mobile app of the National Government of Colombia to evaluate your health and receive recommendations about COVID-19.